BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC Packs Coming Today In Europe

I’ve played a lot of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and I mean a lot, so I’ve been very excited to hear about the remaining DLC for the game and when we would see the elusive Character Packs 4, 5, and 6.


This was until the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Top 8 at EVO over the weekend in which Arc System Works detailed the remaining three packs, who would be in them, and when they are due to arrive. Firstly, and most excitedly, they are all coming TODAY (Tuesday August 7th) to both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the EU region, of which the Switch DLC should be already here and the PS4 versions should be around 11am BST.



As covered before, the layout and contents of the packs are as follows:


Character Pack 4 –

Izayoi (BlazBlue)

Mitsuru (Persona 4 Arena)

Merkava (Under Night In-Birth)


Character Pack 5 –

Mai Natsume (BlazBlue)

Akihiko Sanada (Persona 4 Arena)

Yuzuriha (Under Night In-Birth)


Character Pack 6 –

Nine the Phantom (BlazBlue)

Labrys (Persona 4 Arena)

Mika (Under Night In-Birth)



There are still a few key players missing from the roster, Seth from Under Night In-Birth and Taokaka from BlazBlue to name but two, but this is a pretty good spread of characters from the franchises involved; especially given my boy Akihiko.


These characters, if you have the Character Pass, should automatically unlock on release date and be playable immediately. If you only wanted one of the packs and wanted to buy it individually, the price of a single Character Pack is £3.69/€4.49.


Will the arrival of any of these characters change your chosen pairing, or do none of these characters appeal? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and keep an eye here on Rice Digital for future news about this and other anime fighting titles.



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