BlazBlue coming to Europe… Next Week?!

In a surprising announcement today, Arc System Works USA revealed that Blazblue: Chronophantasma will be released on PSN in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand next week. This is the first time ASW USA have handled a Blazblue release outside of the US, though they previously released Guilty Gear XX Accent Core for the 360 in Europe.



While no exact release date or a price has been given, it’s likely that ASW USA will release more information in the next few days, though whether Chronophantasma will receive a physical release at a later date is also unknown.  


It also remains to be seen if Guilty Gear XX Accent Core will be released on PSN in Europe, since there hasn’t been any news regarding this from ASW USA.


You can view Arc System Works USA’s announcement post here.

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