Hands-on: Bloodborne

Initially known as Project Beast, Bloodborne was unveiled this year’s E3. Made by From Software and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, this title could be considered a spiritual successor to the Souls franchise. It’s no wonder the line at Sony’s Gamescom booth was for this game, with people ignoring games like The Order 1886, Far Cry 4 and Infamous: First Light.


From what little time I had with the game I can clearly say it keeps the insane difficulty from the rest of the Souls titles, since you are guarantied to die. Bloodborne is a bit faster paced, but don’t expect a typical hack and slash as this is still a game where everything comes down to timing. The visuals are absolutely amazing and everything runs well. It has a similar aesthetic to Sony’s other exclusive, The Order 1886, both of which have a Victorian setting. However, Bloodborne gives the user a bit more freedom at least when planning out your approach.


A new addition is the ability to transform weapons. At Gamescom you could select either the saw-cleaver or extendable axe. Both of these weapon’s appearance and features change depending on their transformation. Some attacks can only be pulled off when the weapon is in-between transformations. Another addition is that instead of bows and arrows you can now wield a gun with limited ammo.


When talking about difficulty Bloodborne is as old school as it gets, as you will die but get a bit further every time you try again. Just fighting a single enemy can spell disaster if your timing is not perfect. I somehow managed to make it through a few enemies on their own, but even a single enemy can easily take out a chunk of your HP. Once I made it to the street I saw a dozen or so enemies wandering around. Despite knowing that certain death awaits, I plunged into combat and died before I killed even one of the enemies. The next time I faired a bit better, as I tried to isolate a few of the enemies, attacking them from behind, but as with all Souls titles you can expect to die a lot. It wasn’t only me. When I looked at other players, the majority of them were playing the same segment over and over again, dying and retrying. Still, Bloodborne was extremely enjoyable to play, and makes me wish to have just another go at it.


PlayStation 4 owners and fans of the Souls series will have something to look forward to in early 2015. Just remember to prepare to die.

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