Blue Reflection Gets a Concept Video

Gust’s upcoming ‘heroic RPG’, Blue Reflection, now has a concept video showing off some of the characters. Although there’s no gameplay shown in the video, it really helps you get a feel for the atmosphere for the game. You can check out the trailer below:


Hinako Shiari is a distant girl whose one true wish is to recover from her injury and dance ballet again. One day, two mysterious sisters in her class give her the power to transform into a Reflector and ask her to fight alongside them. Hinako accepts, and does as asked without question, all the while hoping her ability to transform may cure her injury. However, as time goes on, she starts to question why she is fighting and what will happen to the world if she continues.


Blue Reflection gets a concept video

Blue Reflection is a game where modern day life and fantasy collide, and the player will have to navigate Hinako’s life both as a student and as a magical girl. Though there isn’t much information yet, it sounds like a really interesting game. The art and music in the trailer are very pretty too!


Blue Reflection: Sword of a Girl Dancing in Illusion is due for PS4 and PS Vita release, but there’s no current date.

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