Bones set to animate My Hero Academia anime

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest manga in recent years and having been keeping up with it myself, I can confirm it’s as good as people claim it to be and Bones is a perfect fit for the anime adaptation.
Bones have worked on a lot of high profile anime including Noragami, Blast of Tempest, Space Dandy, Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater, and it’s clear that they have a lot of experience with shows with a focus on action and comedy.

My Hero Academia focuses on children who are born with superpowers called ‘Quirks’ which almost everyone has one of, but only a few possess quirks that mark a true hero such as super strength and the ability to fly, rather than something such as being able to sweat profusely, and they enter a hero school in the hopes that one day they can become sidekicks or heroes themselves. However Izuku is one child who has no quirk to speak of at all until the world’s most famous hero, All-Might, sees potential in him and helps him out. We watch his journey to become a true hero with this classmates, and it’s a thrilling and exciting ride with a brilliant cast of characters and artwork.
I’m super excited to see My Hero Academia get an anime adaptation but it was a given considering how well it’s consistently selling in Japan, with fans claiming that it’ll be one of the new big shounen that’ll fulfil the spot that Naruto will be leaving now that it’s ended. The second volume releases in English this month courtesy of VIZ Media, and I fully recommend it.

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