Boobs vs Butts – Compile Heart Lets You Decide on International Women’s Day!

Life is full of tough decisions, but none are as difficult as boobs vs butts. Compile Heart just put up a site that lets you vote for either, as a teaser for their upcoming unannounced game. The battle is close, but for now breasts are in the lead.



You can select breasts by clicking on the left button and butts by clicking on the right. The site states that the winner will get underwear.




While the game is still yet to be announced, the fact that the site features their mascot character Otton may suggest that this may be another installment in their series which includes equally perverted titles such as Monster Monpiece, Moe Chronicle, Moero Crystal and Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates. More information should surface on Sunday, during the Dengeki Festival held in Tokyo Akihabara on March 12th.


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