Bright Memory: Infinite launching November 12 on PC

Playism has announced that Bright Memory: Infinite will launch for PC via Steam and GOG on November 12, 2021.

Bright Memory: Infinite is an expanded version of the original FPS (which is also available on Xbox Series X|S), reworking existing content while also adding in more levels and mechanics. The game now features wall running and special weapon effects, along with a skill tree to unlock new upgrades.

The majority of Bright Memory was created primarily by one developer, so it’s impressive to see how far the game has come.

The development team is also honouring its promise that owners of the original game will game Infinite for free — this offer lasts until November 11, the day before release.

Bright Memory: Infinite story overview:

Strange phenomena take over the skies of China on Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2036. Shelia, an elite investigator at the Supernatural Science Research Organization, receives orders to investigate the phenomenon. It is soon discovered that these strange occurrences are connected to an archaic mystery – an as-of-yet unknown history of two worlds, about to come to light…

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