Bustafellows Season 2 western release announced for 2025

PQube has revealed that more crime-solving visual novel goodness is on the way with the announcement of Bustafellows Season 2.

Launching for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam during 2025, Bustafellows Season 2 sees players return to the fictional New Sieg as the cast deals with more of the city’s troubles.

Teuta, Limbo, Shu, Helvetica, Mozu and Scarecrow all make their appearance again, letting you further your romances with each even further. Discovering everything from their story routes has also been made even easier, as you can now access previous scenes and make new choices via the flowchart system.

Additional episodes and collectables will offer up more information on the cast, with save data from the first Bustafellows unlocking a special extra episode.

Developer Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Extend Inc. is attending Anime Expo 2024, with some of the dev team and Limbo voice actor KENN present to talk more about Bustafellows Season 2 and the franchise as a whole.

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