Cancelled Silent Hills Was to Feature Junji Ito

Every time new info pops up about the infamously cancelled Silent Hills it hurts even more.  As the famed film director Guillermo del Toro revealed on his twitter, Junji Ito, a famous horror manga artist was to work on the project.




Silent Hills is a cancelled project by Kojima Productions for the Playstation 4, which would have been the ninth installment in the Silent Hill Series. With the direction of Kojima himself and Guillermo del Toro and the highly praised P.T. demo that was released in August of 2014, it was a highly anticipated title that was inevitably cancelled as Konami went about their restructuring.


Guillermo del Toro reveals Junji Ito involvement in Silent Hills

Junji Ito is a revered manga artist with standout works such as Uzumaki, Gyo and Tomie. Recurring themes in his work include body horror, deep sea organisms and characters that are doing irrational things. All these themes would go really well with the atmosphere that we’ve experienced  in previous installments in the Silent Hill franchise and would’ve made Silent Hills even better.

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