Capcom Release SFV Netcode Patch & Make It Worse

Capcom have released an actual official SFV netcode patch. This comes after an unofficial netcode patch was released a while back from a community member which drastically improved the online performance of the game, provided both players used it. Sadly, Capcom’s version of the patch doesn’t work quite as well.


The netcode in Street Fighter V has been a known issue for quite some time, ever since launch really. It seems that netcode in fighting games in general is a bit of a touchy subject – with NetherRealm one of the only studios to have really solid consistent netcode in their games, especially their recent releases.


street fighter v netcode seth


Unfortunately Capcom aren’t quite up to par when it comes to their netcode capabilities – with plenty of big rollbacks and artificial lag. To rub salt into the wound, they have prevented use of the unofficial patch that was created by a fan – that DID provide a netcode fix. So not only have they removed the working patch, they’ve added their own that still causes issues.



It’s worth mentioning that not ALL players are having trouble with the new patch, and some may play the game and never experience player lags or delayed input from their opponent and experience. But the problem still lies in the fact that the general issue has not gone away, and Capcom have removed one of the best solutions the community had created in the meantime. Hopefully we’ll see a further patch in the future that will finally give Street Fighter V the netcode it deserves.


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