Chaos;Child Anime PV Introduces Main Characters

 Chaos;Child Anime PV Introduces Main Characters

The Chaos;Child anime adaptation has squeezed in a PV just before it’s 11th January premiere! The PV goes through the main characters and the voice cast, as well as giving us a taste of Kanako Itou’s sweet, sweet opening track ‘Uncontrollable’. Check it out below:


Set 6 years after the events of Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child is a psychological suspense story and the fourth instalment in 5pb’s Science Adventure series. A string of mysterious events, including gruesome deaths, start occurring in the wake of a massive earthquake.


Chaos;Child anime

There’s some apprehension about this series, given the recent Occultic;Nine anime, which had a lot of negative response. I’m still pretty excited for it though! The PV may not tell us much, which is to be expected for a suspense story really, but it’s enough pique my interest! And I’m always happy to get another Kanako Itou track.


The Chaos;Child anime begins on 11th January.

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