Chaos;Child PS4 references fellatio and masturabation says ESRB

That’s right! The ESRB has listed Chaos;Child PS4 and Vita’s naughty bit – earning it an M rating. Let it be said that NOTHING makes me happier than a visual novel that pushes the boat out in the filth department. I’m not talking hentai here, that would be too much – but just the right level of titillating wrongness to make getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile.


Fair warning, as a Visual Novel prepare for some spoilers — though if you’ve seen the anime, you’ll be pretty much covered.


A quick look at the ESRB listing (yes, this is how I spend my lunch break) picks out some choice details that I think you may enjoy – delivering extreme violence and sexual content in equal measure.


Chaos;Child Characters


“This is a visual novel in which players assume the role of a high-school student investigating a series of mysterious deaths in Tokyo” explains the ESRB – the guardians of wholesomeness, in the US of A.


“Scenes depict still images of characters engaged in violent acts…  strangling other characters, and involved in torture devices (e.g., a corpse strangled by ropes until its neck snaps).”


chaos;child ps4 screenshot


Tell me more, my ESRB overlords! Tease me! Talk dirty to me, you filth-mongering defenders of morality!


“Crime scenes are graphically depicted with extensive blood-splatter and large amounts of text detail. Corpses are frequently depicted with bloodstains and sometimes mangled fingers, dangling entrails, or exposed brains.”


Gracious! I swear, humanity strays one step further from God, as each day passes.


chaos;child ps4


Lord, save us – “The game also contains sexual material” 


Of course it does!



“Two female characters moaning off screen while discussing each other’s breasts” and, my personal favourite –  “I saw her tongue flick seductively for a moment before her tiny mouth swallowed the whole thing.”



My goodness! There are also: “references to sexual fetishes and masturbation” as well as “partially exposed breasts and buttocks”.


Meanwhile in Europe, land of the free – where you can indulge in the depravity of your choice, with reckless abandon…


chaos;child ps4 pegi


So, that’s nice then. A round of applause to everyone involved. Chaos;Child PS4 and Vita will be releasing this year.

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