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It’s not often that we get Falcom related merch in the west. There have been a few collectors editions, and NISA release some shirts and the like for games they publish, but there’s not a whole lot for some of the older Falcom titles like Trails in the Sky. This is where Pin Box comes in, giving us various pins from multiple Falcom franchises, including emblems, characters and… a fish?!

Pin Box currently have two sets of pins that can be pre-ordered. The first is a line of Ys VIII themed character pins. Naturally, this includes protagonists Adol and Dana, both in cute chibi forms. There’s also Captain Barbaros’ loyal parrot Little Paro if you’re after something a little different. According to Pin Box, there are around 50 – 60 of each pin remaining, so make sure to order soon before their release in September.

Legend of Heroes fans can instead check out the various Trails pins. There’s a selection of crests from throughout the series, including the Erebonian Empire and Bracer emblems from Trails of Cold Steel and Trails in the Sky respectively. All Trails pins are in open pre-order for two weeks, and set to be shipped some time in October.


Of course, we can’t talk about these Trails pins without mentioning the gluttonous bass, affectionately known as the BruhFish. Starting off as a Discord joke, before turning into an actual Falcom approved product, the silver gluttonous bass pin is by far the weirdest piece of merch that Western Trails fans can get their hands on. It’s also odd to have merch available for Zero no Kiseki, a game that isn’t even available official in English. Not that we’re complaining of course.

Check out both the Ys and Legend of Heroes pins—alongside a line of Okami pins—on Pin Box’s store.

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