Cheritz’s New Otome Game is a Mobile App?

On May 28th, 2015, Cheritz, a Korean otome game developer, teased their fans with news of an upcoming mobile app game. Previous games developed by Cheritz include Dandelion -Wishes Brought to You- and Namless ~ The One Thing You Must Recall. Both otome games are available in English and can be purchased for PC through Steam. Starring textual choices, pretty anime graphics, emotional plots and creative characterisation, these visual novels are regarded quite highly among otome fans.



Cheritz hasn’t revealed much about their new game, although fans were surprised to hear that it would be an app. Cheritz hadn’t hinted at exploring other gaming platforms outside of the PC, and indeed they only recently moved their games to Steam after previously selling the games through their website. The news comes with some trepidation from fans. Although I’m not worried about story or art quality, I myself have some reservations… the thoughts of pointless mini games and freemium repetitiveness being only a couple.



Such concerns can’t be addressed until more news comes out, however, so fans will have to be patient. Information given to us by Cheritz’s Facebook page back in 2014 does suggest a title for this game, though. Adorned in shades of blue and featuring some sort of mythical element table, this Korean logo has been translated as Lynn Project. Could this be the title of Cheritz’s new mobile game? The use of a science beaker, combined with zodiac-like symbols, represents some kind of magical study. Perhaps this signifies a type of ‘Harry Potter’ setup? Could the heroine be a witch-in-training who catches the eye of multiple wizards, familiars even? These questions also make we wonder about one particular character that has been in all of Cheritz’s games so far: The Wizard. This seems like the perfect environment to divulge into his character further.



Some more information can be taken from their Tumblr page, in which it is hinted that a male wearing a suit will appear in the game (oh, the excitement!), that gender, age and ethnicity will play a part in creating a diverse cast, and that a website for the game will be going live soon. From the couple of blurry images we can see of characters, we can just about depict the suit wearing male with dark hair and a more casually dressed redhead. All in all we don’t know a great deal, although Cheritz are more than happy to troll their fans a little over fake announcements. All in good humour, of course.





Although I was hoping for another PC game, I am nevertheless very excited to hear that Cheritz have made progress with a new otome game. Following the sudden spark of announcements by Cheritz, it is believed that the game will be released soon. As Cheritz is one of my favourite developers, I personally cannot wait to see what kind of compelling heroine appears to win the hearts of an all-new handsome cast! I’m waiting, Cheritz!


Cheritz's New Otome Game is a Mobile App?

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