Christmas Pepsi Cola Tastes Like Japanese Christmas Cake

A new Christmas Pepsi flavour will taste like Christmas cake. But it’s important to know that the Japanese idea of a traditional “Christmas cake” is a far cry from the fruitcake that probably jumped into your head. Japanese Christmas cakes are a whole lot sweeter, and much more delightful.


More of a strawberries and cream sponge cake (and a whole lot of cream, at that), it’s closer to a Victoria sponge cake than the standard Christmas fruitcake you’d expect to find over here. Sign me up!


via Punipuni


Pepsi are continuing their tradition of offering an exclusive Christmas themed flavour in Japan. This time around, they’re opting to provide a sweet experience reminiscent of the Japanese Christmas cake.


It’s white in colour too, just as other Christmas flavour variants have been, which has included mikan flavour (a fruit that’s similar to an orange). Another version of Pepsi White was yogurt flavoured.



But it’s not a weirdly, spongy flavoured cola. Instead, it’s main flavour is apparently just a creamy, smooth strawberry taste. Sounds pretty good to me!


Pepsi Christmas Cola begins circulation 21st November 2017, and is sadly exclusive to Japan.


Source: Kotaku

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