First gameplay trailer for Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX released


The first trailer for the remasters Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX has been released, in a livestream hosted by Koei Tecmo. It shows off character designs, dialogue (in Japanese) and, towards the end, a little bit of action.

The original Ciel nosurge came out in 2012 for the Playstation Vita, while its sequel Ar nosurge was on the PS3 two years later. While Ciel was a lifesim, Ar was a more traditional JRPG. Only the latter received a western localisation, so it remains to be seen whether the Ar nosurge DX remake will make its way overseas.

You can watch the trailer below:

Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX will launch on January 28, 2021 in Japan, coming to PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam. If we get word of a western version, we’ll let you know.

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