CLANNAD Kickstarter Huge Success

Kickstarter for Key’s visual novel CLANNAD has been a huge success surpassing it’s funding goal in less than 14 hours. Now two months later the funding for the game has exceeded half a million dollars. The game will be released to Steam with some nice additional content as all the stretch goals have been backed as well.



The stretch goals include HD assets that promise to deliver beautiful visuals in 1280×960 glory. Additionally, CLANNAD Side stories that was in the PSP and as a DLC in a PS3 version of the game will be included in this English version. There is also anthology manga in the works that is set to release earlier to the West.



CLANNAD’s popularity in Japan has spawned a light novel, several manga publications, art books, audio dramas as well as animated movie and two anime series. The anime series have been translated in 2009 to west and has had a critical acclaim. Since then there have been talks of translating the game to English. But with all the risks in this business, there have been no opportunities to have an official release till now. Hopefully the overwhelming response to this Kickstarter campaign will encourage Japanese companies to release more of the amazing visual novels that have not been available for the westerners to enjoy.


CLANNAD Kickstarter page

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