CLANNAD Translation on Kickstarter

After Sekai Project’s announcement that Clannad is coming to Steam a few months back, they decided to launch a kickstater campaign to fund the translation. They asked for $140,000 with a 60 day campaign, but ended up fully funding the project in the first 14 hours.




Because of the success of the campaign, Sekai Project has been discussing various stretch goals, such as console ports, OSX/Linux support, HD assets from the PS3 version and extra scenarios from the PS3 and Vita version.



This just goes to show that there is quite a number of people excited for this genre in the west, which may open up a path for many other titles.




As of now the kickstarter has earned more than $245,000 with 45 days to go. The stretch goal for HD assets has already been covered with the PSP/Vita/PS3 side story strech goal at the $320,000 mark. According to Kickstater, CLANNAD is estimated to ship in October 2015.

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