Classic Pokemon in 3D!

Maybe a little late to the party with this one?! But hey, there’s no disputing the fact that this is pretty awesome – it’s the ‘classic’ version of Pokemon Gold and Silver, only in 3D – and you can roam and explore in first person! Step into Prof. Elm’s lab! Go inside the Pokemon Center and see Joy face to face!


Stalk Officer Jenny round… just me? Okay…


A little while back I posted up an image on my FB Page of the Pokemon Center beautifully rendered in 3D viewed in First Person (you can see it here) while I felt it was pretty amazing to see, I was surprised how many people didn’t like the idea of a first-person Pokemon adventure.


Some good points were raised actually, and I can see people’s point – but in this instance, playing a game that has so many childhood memoried for me, at ground level is really magical. Like being able to walk around the film set of a movie you loved as a kid – it somehow makes Johto more ‘real’ somehow.


If you’re so inclined, you can experience the magic for yourself, right here!








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