Clock Tower Returns as NightCry

Clock Tower, one of the grandfathers of the survival horror genre, is making a return after almost a decade of hiding from the scissor man. Originally known as Project Scissors the game has finally gotten an official name, NightCry.




Whereas the original Resident Evil took the guns blazing approach, Clock Tower went on to define its own meaning of horror. Unlike other horror games, in the original Clock Tower you played as a helpless girl called Jennifer who has to run and hide in order to survive. The game played like a point and click and featured multiple routes and endings which make for a exciting experience. The first title was released exclusively in Japan on the Super Famicom, while its sequels were brought to the west. Human Entertainment the company behind these titles went out of business and the franchises came into Capcom’s hands. After two titles for the PlayStation 2, Capcom buried the series just like they did with countless other franchises.


For those that are interested you can read our two part Clock Tower retrospective.


Disappointed with how the franchise ended up, Hifumi Kouno, the director behind the original Clock Tower, has decided to create a spiritual successor to the series. Along with him, Takashi Shimizu, the director of Ju-On and the Grudge, will be working on this project. Because of this, it’s natural for the first teaser for this game to be a live scene.



The company behind NightCry is Nude Maker, which is made up of former Human Entertainment employees. They are famous for Infinite Space and Steal Battalion.


NightCry is planned for iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita. Considering its original point and click roots, this title may really be best suited for these platforms.

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