Closers looks like a very nice online PC action RPG

I’ve got a bit of the think for Korean PC games – particularly Tera and Aion and the little-known MMORPG-shmup hybrid Mirror War. I’m particularly fond of their very-clean-looking design which is at once anime in style but somehow fresher and lighter. Anyway, a few of my friends have been making noises about Closers recently, so I thought I’d share here.


It’s essentially an action-rpg similar to PSO, Dragon’s Crown etc – where you clear out stages and grow your chosen character. It also reminds me of Akiba’s Trip in some places. Maybe it’s the slightly more contemporary setting – where inter-dimensional monster attack Seoul.


As you’d expect there are a bunch of different character classes in here.




Seha is a Striker, a sword wielding close combat specialist, Ranger Yuri is a gun specialist and ‘J’ deals hand to hand melee damage for example.


Anyway, do check it out – it looks very nice.



Apparently, an English language version is supposed to release this year. There’s an English language site for it here, though it’s not exactly heavy on the detail.

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