Co-Director Addresses Tokyo Mirage Sessions Costume Changes on Western Launch

As a lot of you may already know Tokyo Mirage Sessions costume changes have just been one of a few hot topics regarding changes made to Japanese games heading west. It’s not something that is always addressed directly by Japanese developers, but co-director Mitsura Hirata has addressed the changes on Twitter.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE comes out on the 24th overseas! For a few reasons some event content and vocals had to be changed, but I think some of the costumes in the overseas version are actually pretty cute! I’d urge you to buy the game if you live overseas! (Rice Digital Translation)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Costume Changes


As you might expect some people have replied to his comment in both English and Japanese saying that they’re not happy with the changes. Hirata seems to in general respond that the game is still a lot of fun, and that non-western fans won’t be able to use the new costume designs only available in the western version, which is technically true. It’s at least nice to know that some people involved with the game like the costume changes, but you do have to wonder if they liked them so much then why not use them in the Japanese version too?


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE released last week on Nintendo Wii U. It’s been positively received, and currently has a favourable 82 on Metacritic.

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