Code: HARDCORE Modern Take on the 2D Mecha Genre

The recent influx of mecha games paved the way to a renaissance of this long lost genre. Still, the countless remasters, remakes and ports, no matter how polished, left something to be desired.




Code: HARDCORE Kickstarter Page


The studio Rocket Punch is here to bring these thrilling action games to the 21st century with Code: HARDCORE. The game is now on Kickstarter and is already way past its $65,000 goal with almost 30 days to go.



The game uses stunning high-quality 2D visuals with buttery smooth animations, all while keeping the adorable SD style. While the game has that 3D-like smoothness and rotation it is all masterfully hand drawn, brinding that classic mecha feel.


But it’s not just all show, since Code: Hardcore has some really cool features. There are over 15 unique mechas with a variety of loadouts, and not only that but you will also be able to eject the pilot and have him complete on-foot stealth missions. You will also be able to have both online and local matches with your buddies.



Code: HARDCORE Kickstarter Page


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