Code Vein Screenshots and More Details Revealed

Bandai Namco have released a bunch of Code Vein screenshots, and a huge amount of information delving further into the game’s lore. It’s only just been announced, but we’re already getting a lot of world-building for Code Vein, and it’s pretty cool stuff! There’s still no reveal on what platforms it’s going to be on beyond ‘major home consoles’ though.


As was covered in the announcement, Code Vein takes place in the not-too-distant future, where a mysterious disaster has brought the world as we know it to ruin. The ‘Thorns of Judgment’ pierced the Earth’s crust, and buildings that once symbolised humanity’s prosperity have become graves that mark its past. At the center of the destruction is a hidden society called Vein, inhabited by Revenants. The Revenants have been blessed with powerful abilities known as Gifts, but lost their memories and developed a thirst for blood in exchange. Now they run the risk of losing their last shred of humanity and transforming into monstrous creatures called the Lost.


Code Vein Screenshots and More Details Revealed

You take on the role of a Revenant, and must team up with various residents of Vein to uncover your missing memories and find a way out to escape the hellish reality you’ve found yourself in. To do this, you must take down vicious enemies using special equipment called Blood Veils which allow you to drink the blood of enemies. You’ll also have a vast array of weaponry and the enhanced abilities of each character’s Gift, so there’s a range of ways you can adapt to your own preferred strategy and play style!


Code Vein Screenshots and More Details Revealed

Take a look at some more shiny Code Vein screenshots below:



Code Vein releases on major home consoles in 2018.

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