Collar X Malice Release Announced for This Summer in the West

Aksys Games has announced that the Collar X Malice release will be this summer in North America and Europe, as well as confirming it will be available both physically and digitally for the PS Vita. Although we still don’t have an actual date, having a release window always helps! It shouldn’t be too far off from the sounds of it either!


You play the role of Ichika Hoshino, a young police officer working in Shinjuku. After being targeted in an attack by a dangerous shadow organisation, you awake to find a strange collar around your neck that’s filled with a deadly poison. 5 mysterious men who are investigating the incident of your attack appear to help you. Can you find the truth and save yourself and Shinjuku before times runs out?


Collar X Malice Release Announced for This Summer in the West

It’s great to have more otome games releasing over here, and Collar X Malice looks amazing! As well as a plot that promises a lot of mystery and action, the visuals are absolutely stunning! Here’s hoping we get a more specific release date soon!


Collar X Malice 03

The Collar X Malice release is scheduled this summer for PS Vita in North America and Europe.

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