Collar X Malice -Unlimited- Heading West In August

 Collar X Malice -Unlimited- Heading West In August

Aksys have revealed that Collar X Malice -Unlimited- is coming to the west on Nintendo Switch at the end of summer this year!

The -Unlimited- upgrade features a variety of new modes including an Interlude, After Story, and Adonis mode. There’ll also be a limited edition which includes a 30-song OST, a collectable Adonis Organization pin, and an X-Day coin.

A description of the new features from Aksys:

  • Explore New Paths and Mysteries! Pursue missed opportunities with the original cast, then discover completely original characters and events.
  • Investigate Challenging Cases! Assemble clues and profile individuals in different times and settings to piece together the complete story.
  • Fresh Characters and Options Take on the ultimate challenge of the Adonis storyline, designed especially for multiple replays! The clock is ticking, and no single play-through will reveal all your foes.

It’s worth noting that this only covers the USA for now, but it’s likely we’ll hear more about an EU release soon. You can find out more here.

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Collar x Malice -Unlimited- will be making its way west sometime in August.

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