Comiket 86 Games

While Comiket 86 has long passed we never had the chance to take a look at the doujin titles they showed off. Like always not everything was a shmup, with a lot of original and Touhou inspired games to see, some intriguing, others partially disturbing.





For those of you that are just interested in the original titles and don’t care much about Touhou (shame on you!) you can see the video that features only these original games showcased at Comiket 86 .



There is a huge variety of genres to choose from, including: Shmups, RPGs, strategy games, platformers, side scroller hack and slash games, puzzle games, stealth games, card games, flight sims, visual novels and even military RPGs, that features various real world figures including Erwin Rommel and Barak Obama.


Finally Comiket 86 also had something for those that want something genuinely fresh (or creepy). There is a Victorian slapping game, a giant fish simulator, a food eating game and a shmup where you shoot disfigured body parts.


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