Comiket 91 Doujin Lineup

Just like every year we bring you the latest lineup of crazy doujin games fresh from Japan. Comiket 91 was held from 29th until the 31st of December. Strap yourself in for over an hour and a half of footage.




Some noteworthy games are Giraffe and Annika where you play as an adorable sorceress who battles enemies in a dance show down. Grab the demo from the developer’s official website. Never Over Again a creepy first person platformer where you have the power to remove your own wrists – it is as weird as it sounds. Made by Daisen, the same team behind the innovative Lethal Application, Tower Offense has you stacking girls in an attempt to take out giant robotic enemies. Shikabane Panidemic is a game where you must infect all the agents in a level by spreading a zombie pandemic and luring the potential victims. Finally, there is Sakuna, a beautiful actin side-scroller with a detailed farming system.


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