Cotton Reboot is releasing in the West as well as Japan

Publisher ININ Games has just announced that Cotton Reboot will be coming out in Europe and North America in early 2021.

For those of you not in the know, Cotton Reboot is a remake of the 1991 arcade game Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. It stars a cute witch-in-training named Cotton, who rides her broomstick through some classic side-scrolling bullet hell action, all in the name of finding candy.

The remake, developed by Beep, has shinier graphics, a score attack mode with online leaderboards and new character designs. It’s not a whole-cloth reinvention, more of a way to make the game available to fans once more.

Cotton Reboot is launching in Japan on February 25, and a Western localisation will follow shortly after. It will be out on Switch and PS4, and both physical and digital versions of the game will be available.

Here’s the trailer:

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