Cover Corp shares teasers for Hololive Error, Prelude

Cover Corp revealed two new Hololive related projects over the weekend — the horror themed Hololive Error, and “Prelude“.

Despite having an official website, there isn’t much information on what Hololive Error actually is. Based on the teaser trailer — which features Hololive’s first VTuber Tokino Sora — Error is going for a horror theme, with the tag line “We’ll be friends forever, won’t we?”.

Meanwhile, Prelude is a project related to Hololive English, though it’s also a mystery right now. Narrated by new HoloEN member IRyS, the trailer makes multiple mentions to the gods and certain concepts.

There are two directions Prelude could be going in — one is that it’s a teaser for the second generation of HoloEN (auditions ended earlier this year). The second is that it’s related to a new album by IRyS. Of the two, the former seems more likely — IRyS only debuted (and released her first album) recently after all.

Hololive Error is listed as “coming soon”, with no extra info given for Prelude. With how previous HoloEN announcements have been handled, it shouldn’t be long before we hear more about Prelude at least, despite its cryptic reveal.

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