Cover Yourself In Final Fantasy VII Remake Merch While You Play

Square Enix know they have a mega hit on their hands with Final Fantasy VII Remake, after all, its notoriously been the ‘press this button in emergency’ game for them. Now they’ve pressed the button, they’re piling on a LOT of extra things for you to spend your money on. Mostly wearable merch.


Square Enix have revealed a variety of wearable Final Fantasy VII Remake merch so you can shill even harder for the game when it releases next month. The items range in cost, and practicality, but don’t expect any of them to really be that cheap. Even with such high prices however, it’s likely that these items will sell out and later on become collector’s items – so it may be worth the initial investment.


Tifa Jewelry


final fantasy vii remake merch tifa


Square have decided to turn Tifa’s bracelet charms into necklaces, that you can buy at the small price of $147.99 a pop. The charms are made from SV925 Silver and feature a Bomb or a Chocobo. You can also grab Tifa’s trademark earring, that’ll set you back $99.99 for one earring, so double it if you want them on both ears.



Aerith Jewelry


ff7 remake aerith merch


If Aerith is more of your jam, you can pick up a couple of necklaces that are themed around her style. The first is based on her famous pink hair ribbon, and it’s plated in pink gold to boot. There’s also a fancy Qubix Zirconium stone to really add the finish touch, whatever that is. The second necklace is features a flower with a Chrysoprase gemstone (is that a real thing?) in the middle, surrounded by a ring. Both of these will set you back $147.99!


ff7 aerith necklace


Final Fantasy VII Remake Glasses


final fantasy vii remake glasses


They’re really scraping the barrel with these. Zoff have revealed their Final Fantasy VII Remake inspired glasses that will launch at the beginning of April. They’re going to cost around 16,500 Yen, which is about $154 dollars. What do you get for your money? Well, the glasses are designed to filter out 50% of blue light, so you could probably play FF7 for longer before your eyes hurt. The glasses are decorated with the Meteor symbol from the game, as well as two empty Materia slots that you would see on Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword.


You do get a really fancy case though, which features a metal plate, cleaning cloth with the logo, and some kind of etched card.




Final Fantasy VII Remake Wearable Speaker


final fantasy vii remake speaker


Perhaps the most practical of the bunch, but again, only available in Japan. This wearable speaker is themed around the remake, and features the logo on one side, and the meteor symbol on the other. I’m just trying to think of a scenario where I would use wearable speakers, and I just can’t. If I’m wearing something like this, I’d rather it was just headphones for the increased quality. Either way, if you’re in Japan you can pick a set up for 29,380 Yen.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is due out next month. The demo just released, but we did learn that Red XIII won’t be playable.


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