Create Your Dream Titan in Attack on Titan 2 Future Coordinates & More New Additions

Spike Chunsoft have revealed some new details on Attack on Titan 2 Future Coordinates‘ two game modes, Story Mode and World Mode, via Famitsu. The game adds several brand new additions from the first game, including a feature that allows you to create your own dream titan.


World Mode

In addition to a story mode, Future Coordinates also features a “World Mode”. Using an original character, you lead an army and recruit your own soldiers to take on missions against the Titans.


Create the Titan of your Dreams

During World Mode a “Titan Research Institute” will be established. There, you can use a character creator to make the titan of your dreams. Parts will be dropped as you slay titans in battle, that you can then graft onto your own special titan. I’ll be creating a real hottie.




Recruit Characters From the Anime/Manga

As well as generic soldiers, you can also recruit characters to your army from the Attack on Titan anime/manga. Like your own character, these unique characters can level up by completing missions, and some can even learn special moves by training. I’ll be making best friends with Levi, and eventually I’m sure he will want to date me.




Expedition Missions

These are a series of gruelling missions in a row, where you can’t change your equipment in-between each one. You’ll need to make sure you’re properly prepared to take these on.






Updates to the 3DMG Combat

While combat plays out mostly the same to the first Attack on Titan game, Spike Chunsoft have made a lot of improvements to make the game feel better to play on 3DS. They’ve tweaked the timings to make it feel a little bit easier to pull off critical hits, as well as added a bunch of new moves to your arsenal to make zipping around and attacking feel a bit more fluid.






Story Mode

Following on from the first game, Future Coordinates uses materials from the anime to adapt the story into game form. This continues the story over three main chapters: “Future Coordinates Chapter,” “Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt Chapter” and “Ymir and Christa Chapter”.


On top of that, there are two new side-chapters, as well as two recap chapters of the first game’s story.



The two new side-chapters are adaptations of “Ilse’s Notebook”, a special chapter from the manga about a character who performed some vital Titan research; and “No Regrets”, based on a spin-off manga/visual novel starring Levi. Though it appears you may need save data from the first game to access that second one.



The recap chapters allow you to briefly follow the story from the first game. There’s a regular “digest scenario”, as well as a “Reiner and Annie Chapter” that recounts the events of the first game from their perspectives, which will be super interesting to see.



Attack on Titan 2 Future Coordinates will be releasing in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on 30th November 2017.

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