D4 Season 2 in the Works, Playism Publishing on PC

 D4 Season 2 in the Works, Playism Publishing on PC

We all had to pick a side when it came to the current generation of gaming consoles and so hearts were broken when fans of Deadly Premonition found themselves on the other side of the fence holding a PS4 or a Wii U since Swery’s latest creation, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die was an Xbox One exclusive.


Only having a small fan base, it would appear that D4 didn’t do as well as expected. And so Swery’s mission was to make the game more attainable. The problem was that the Xbox version used Kinect capabilities. So it was quite surprising to see Swery attending PAX East gaming convention sporting a PC version of D4 without Kinect controls.




Rumour has it that this new PC build went down a treat at PAX. Well it did, otherwise why would Swery approach Microsoft asking to port over the game? Unfortunately Microsoft declined. Instead, Playism are now publishing the game. The same people who exclusively brought Touhou 14 to the west.




It would appear that Playism have granted Swery and his team much creative freedom, meaning that D4s port to PC should be painless. It would be a shame for D4 to suffer like the Deadly Premonition PC version did, over which Access Games only had very limited input. With Playism by Swery’s side though, the game should include all the bits and bobs a PC gamer needs. There is nothing worse than trying to play a game with lag and so the game should have a decent frame rate, good screen resolution, windows mode and shouldn’t melt your graphics card. It sounds like a win win situation doesn’t it?




Yet, the D4 fun doesn’t end there as Swery has confirmed to Polygon that the continuation of D4 with a second season is his top priority: “for the time being, my top priority is D4 and the continuation of that series in season 2. I’m putting all my power into that right now.” With the good news of a second D4 it does highlight the question, if Swery can make a second part to D4 will he ever be able to make a second Deadly Premonition?





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