Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition Promises Mech Action on PS4 and Steam

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo was a small but satisfying fast-paced mech action game released for the PlayStation Vita way back in 2013 in Japan and 2015 in the west. Now the game is heading to PlayStation 4 and Steam.



Aside from the expected HD resolutions and updated visuals, the game will boast a silky smooth frame rate of 60fps, all of the available DLC “Old Hero and Broken Gears of Time”, as well as addition after-story content.


Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition will be available on PlayStation 4 starting the 22nd of February, while Steam users will have to wait for the release sometime later this year. The game will go for 1800 Yen which should be around 15 dollars or euros in the west.


Watch the trailer for the HD edition bellow and check out our review of the Vita version to see if this is you might want to get.


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