Danganronpa vs Persona Q opening movie is possibly the best thing ever

No, it’s not a real game, rather the opening of Persona Q but with Danganronpa 1 and 2 characters. It’s possibly the best thing you’ll see all day – maybe even ALL WEEK as long as you haven’t finished Danganronpa 2, in which case – SPOILERS! This means you may or may not want to watch it. Sucks to be in the ‘not watch’ camp though because it really is really is seven shades of awesome.


And I should know, because I’ve tasted all 14 known shades of awesome, and this definitely accounts for at least 50% of those – that’s how brilliant this Danganronpa vs Persona Q opening movie really is. So watch it! Or don’t!




Fun fact: Every time I wrote ‘SPOILERS’ in this article I actually wrote ‘SPOLIERS’ and had to go back to correct it – even in this sentence – which means my brain must be wired up kinda funky, to make the same mistake three times, even though I was mentally prepared for it. *mops brow*


Lets do this!



If you’ve not bought Persona Q yet – then you should. It’s really good. You can get it from Rice Digital along with a Chie Badge set and a Teddie double keyring! 🙂


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