Dead or Alive 5 Cowgirl Outfits Are its Next Big Trend

I’m surprised it’s taken this long, but Dead or Alive 5 cowgirl outfits are finally a thing and there’s a steamy trailer ready to entice you to spend your hard earned cash on them — be warned though, Dead or Alive DLC is never cheap!


alive 5 cowgirl

Have a look at the gun-slingin’ DLC below! These are only outfits for the girls though but who knows, maybe we’ll get some cowboy outfits down the line?


The Dead or Alive 5 cowgirl DLC will be free to those who own the latest season pass (there’s, like, seven okay?) but otherwise you have to buy the pack separately. These outfits release today, so goo visit the most jiggly wild west you’ve seen.

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