Dead or Alive 6 Will Receive Its Final DLC In April

Dead or Alive 6 will receive its final DLC in April, according to the official Twitter account for the game. The final DLC will come along with the 1.22 update from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo, as well as some final costume DLC. This marks the end of just over a year’s worth of additional content.

Dead or Alive 6 had received 3 season passes and a fair amount of DLC since its launch, but that is all coming to an end with one final update, that will include the following:

Dead or Alive 6 version 1.22 is scheduled to be released on mid April.

Downloadable Content: Adding “Revival” High Society Costumes

Downloadable Content: Adding “Revival” School Uniforms

Bug fixes, etc.

“One Premium Ticket” is scheduled to be released on April 16.

After over a year of updates, patch version 1.22 will add Dead or Alive 6‘s final downloadable content. Current features like online matches, rankings, and the store will remain available. We hope everyone continues to enjoy Dead or Alive 6.

The news came from a tweet from the official game account:

Even though there’s only been a year’s worth of support, the game has received a ridiculous amount of DLC in total. There are currently over 400 pieces of DLC you could purchase, so there’s still plenty to spend your money on if you so wish.

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