Dead or Alive Senran Kagura Costume DLC – First Peek

Among the upcoming DLC for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has been something quite tantalising, the prospect of Senran Kagura costumes. It’s a crossover that makes so much sense, you’d think it wouldn’t actually happen. But it has, and it will. One image of a couple of the costume in use has been revealed by Famitsu:


l_54eec87c6540e Dead or Alive Senran Kagura


Though producer Yosuke Hayashi says the image depicted is very much a work in progress. They are also looking to implement some elements of the Senran Kagura gameplay into the combat, specifically the “costume destruction”. With the Dead or Alive Xtreme spin-offs existing, Koei Tecmo certainly aren’t shy about that sort of thing! Hopefully it will turn out well for both series!


No fanservice in these games I don’t see what you’re talking about




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And if you just want to get your Senran Kagura on, you can grab Senran Kagura Burst right here.



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