Deadly Premonition: The Board Game Is Now On Kickstarter

Deadly Premonition, that game that holds the Guinness World Record because people just cannot decide if it is the worst game ever released or one of the best titles of all time is now about to get its very own board game.




The Kickstarter campaign is well on the way of fulfilling its $50,000 goal. Surprisingly the highest pledge tier is only $60 and it offers the special edition of the board game as well as a Steam key for Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut. The current stretch goals include new action, weather, guide and bio cards.


The game will be a card-based mystery board game. 2-4 players will compete in to prove the innocence of their suspects while searching for the killer among the other players’s cards.


And While Swery, the writer and director of the video game, is just a supervisor for this board game project, he pops up to say hi in suitably ridiculous way. He is currently working hard on something totally different so you can expect a something crazy in the future.


Check out the Kickstarter campaign video bellow.






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