Death Note: Light up the NEW World Teaser Trailer (English Subtitles)

The official Death Note website recently revealed the Death Note: Light Up the NEW World teaser trailer. It’s a short 30 second trailer introducing us to a brand new Death Note story, original to the live action movie series.


Set 10 years after the events of the first live action Death Note films comes Death Note: Light Up the New World. Set in a future rife with cyber-terrorism that’s still feeling the affects of Kira’s Death Note purge, and with even more Death Notes.


We’ve not seen Death Note media explore the full repercussions of what happened after the end of Death Note, so it might be interesting to take a look at how things have changed, and how the ideals of both L and Kira live on beyond them.




It seems like a bit more of an interesting approach than Death Note: L Change the World, which felt more like a spin-off than a real follow-up.


Are you looking forward to Death: Light Up the New World? Is this the sort of sequel you’d hope for? Let us know what you think!




Death Note: Light Up the New World will release in Japan 29th October 2016. There’s been no news yet as to when we can expect to see a subtitled version. It’s also worth noting that there has been no news on the western Death Note film in quite some time.

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