Death Note PPAP Video Promotes New Movie

 Death Note PPAP Video Promotes New Movie

A Death Note PPAP video has been posted on the official YouTube channel for Death Note: Light Up the New World. The video shows Ryuk doing PIKOTARO’s Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen dance that went viral earlier this year. Watch the video below:



As publicity stunts go, this is pretty hit or miss. I think it’s hilarious, and a unique way to draw attention to the new film. Though  only uploaded on November 1st, the Ryuk video already has over 770, 000 views, and no doubt it will get a load more. I’d say that’s pretty successful!


The film is a sequel to the previous live action Death Note movies, set ten years later on. A series of Death Note murders has started up again after ten years, and this time there are six Death Notes in circulation in the human world. A struggle begins between a special task force member, L’s successor, and a worshiper of Kira, each with their own reasons for wanting the Death Notes under their control.


Death Note PPAP video promotes new movie

Death Note: Light Up the New World premiered on October 29th, and has been very successful during its opening weekend. I really hope we’ll see a release of this film with subtitles – it looks like an interesting addition to the Death Note series!

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