More Sadistic Fun In Deception IV: Another Princess

After a 9 year wait Tecmo Koei has decided to fully revive this franchise. Despite its sadistic nature and sexy presentation, Deception IV still managed to fly under most people’s radar last year. So this year Deception makes a return with Deception IV: Another Princess, which is an updated version of last year’s title, bringing a large number of improvements.


The premise of the Deception series is quite simple, you must fend off enemies using only the traps you placed around the level, activating them in key moments and using yourself as bait. The games allow for an extreme amount of depth as you chain traps together and use environment to your advantage. Some enemies are immune to specific traps so you must use the correct type of traps in order to strip them of their armor. Add the fact that you have three types of traps: sadistic, elaborate and humiliating, and it is one of my most enjoyed games of last year.


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In Deception IV: Another Princess you play as a sexy redhead Valgyrie. She is called the nightmare princess, a being that humans see in their dreams. Like the previous protagonist Laegrinna, Valgyrie is the daughter of the devil losing her power after a long slumber. Fans will be delighted to know that you will face off against heroines from the previous titles, including: Millennia from Deception II, Reina from Deception III, Allura from Trapt and Laegrinna from Deception IV.


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For the first time in the franchise you will be able to physically attack enemies, shoving them into traps. This is great addition as it will help you during those moments when enemies just refuse to step on your well prepared trap combo.


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The game will include new traps, making for a total of over 170 traps, with some traps returning from past titles. Naturally a lot of the traps have a unique sense of humor to them such as the new toilet trap. There will also be a new Quest Mode with over 100 missions. One of the most interesting features of this title is the so called Deception Studio. Here you will be able to create your own enemies and make your custom quests.


Deception IV: Another Princess will be released in Japan on March 26. The game will be out on both the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


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