Sony gives new details on Demon’s Souls sound design

FromSoftware’s games all have brilliant scores. From the Gothic choirs of Dark Souls to the chilling strings of Bloodborne, every track works to create the perfect atmosphere for the moment, whether that’s one of melancholy, tension or dread. Demon’s Souls is no different.

So in crafting the music for the Demon’s Souls remake, score producer Peter Scaturro says he faced an interesting challenge: trying to stay true to the intent of the original composer, Shunsuke Kida.

You can learn more about that process in the video below:

This arrived today alongside a PlayStation blogpost by creative director Gavin Moore: ‘The Sounds of Boletaria: Grunts, Screams and Wails’.

Within, Gavin waxes lyrical about Demon’s Souls sound design and explains that thousands of new effects were recorded for the remaster. All dialogue was rerecorded too, with several members of the original cast reprising their roles.

Sony also announced the upcoming release of the game’s soundtrack. It will be available digitally from November 26, with a CD coming out shortly afterwards. A vinyl version will be available later, with pre-orders expected to begin in early December.

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