Persona-inspired Demonschool gets September 2024 release date

Publisher Ysbryd Games has revealed that Necrosoft Games’s Persona and Shin Megami Tensei inspired RPG Demonschool will launch for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and EGS on September 13, 2024.

Demonschool sees college freshman Faye starting at a new island-based university. She soon finds that a breach between worlds has allowed demons to invade. Recruiting numerous allies to her cause, she must investigate the supernatural events taking over the island in an attempt to stop a demonic apocalypse.

The release date announcement trailer places a focus on the game’s combat, which allows players to redo turns and plan out the perfect strategy. Outside of combat, the cast can also get stronger via training and extracurricular activities during their (relatively) normal school lives.

If Demonschool’s tactical combat looks interesting, a demo is currently available for the PC version through Steam.

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