Details on Characters and Gameplay Mechanics of Lost Sphear

Last week, Tokyo RPG Factory announced Lost Sphear, their new RPG after I am Setsuna. We learn new details on the setting of the game and on its gameplay. The story sounds really interesting so far!





16 years Old. Weapon: Sword
Grew up in the Moon Bell city of Air. He is a calm and mature person, but still has the heart of a child in him. He taught himself swordplay and fights the monsters appearing in the city alongside the soldiers. When the disaster occurred in Air, he awakened his power to rebuild the world with his memories. He decides to cooperate with the empire to clear the world from the Lost under the condition that they will look for his mother, who disappeared when he was younger. He started his journey hoping that his power can be of some use to the world.



18 years Old. Weapon: hand-to-hand fighting.
Kanata’s childhood friend who was also raised in Air. She protects the city with Kanada using her self-taught martial arts. She’s a polite and nice person who gets along well with Kanata and Lock. When she arrived in Air, she was a young girl who didn’t laugh or cry. She started showing her emotions after she met Kanata. She has a deep affection for him but doesn’t know if it’s love or friendship.





13 years Old. Weapon: Bow-gun
He is Kanata’s (other) childhood friend. He is younger than Kanata and Lumina, but he often ends up supporting them thanks to his cheerful personality. He is dexterous and good at creating new toys. He even made the bow-gun he uses himself. He becomes stronger as he fights monsters alongside Kanata and Lumina. His father, thought to be dead, was an important person from the empire whose identity remains unknown.



20 years Old. Weapon: Bit
A young man who mysteriously appeared in Air. He seems to know a lot about the disaster but won’t talk about it. He uses harsh words but he is kind hearted in reality. He uses “bits” that are controlled with magic. He will cooperate with Kanata and eventually accompany him to the Empire.

The Lost Phenomenon

The city of Air was suddenly attacked by the “Lost Phenomenon”. Everything turned into white mist. The memories and the entire world started disappearing.


Lost Sphear


Gameplay mechanics

–  There will be a world map made from the memories of the world. There will be various events and conversations between the party members as the player progresses through the story.


–  Lost Sphear will use the ATB 2.0 system from Chrono Trigger and I am Setsuna.


–  The game will have seamless battles. The monsters can be seen on the map and the battle will simply start as the player approaches them.


–  When the character starts moving, the player will have to push a button in the right timing to have a bonus effect. This is called the Instant System.


–  It will be possible to move the characters around during fights. It will be crucial to position them carefully to take advantage of the range of the skills and magic.



Lost Sphear comes out in Japan this autumn, and in early 2018 for North America and Europe, on PS4, Switch and Steam.

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