Devil May Cry 5 censored for not-so gratuitous butt shot on PS4

So, Devil May Cry 5 censored eh? Didn’t see that one coming. Honestly, when I heard the news that it had been censored, I struggled to think which part or what scene exactly it could have been about. And then I came into work this morning and saw the Youtubes and wondered, well, why they bothered in the first place…


Lets kick off with some Devil May Cry 5 censored action, courtesy of this lovely comparison video.



Now I have to say, never, in a million years would I have thought that, in 2019, we’d feel the need to cover up a ladies bottom with lens flair so that our delicate eyes wouldn’t be corrupted. What is even more telling is that this version has the Devil May Cry 5 censored version is only on PS4 – Xbox and PC remain untouched from what we can gather.


Now I’m not completely unsympathetic to this wave of Sony censorship. I mightn’t like it, but I do understand, say the reason for the whole Omega Labyrinth fiasco. I totally get that. But this? For one, the scene isn’t even sexual – at all – and secondly it is just a bottom. A brief flash of bottom, in a sea of violence.


devil may cry 5 censored ps4


Further more, this game has already been rated 18+ is Sony now saying that ladies bottoms are not for meant for adults eyes? How old do I have to be, for bums to be okay? How am I even writing that sentence in the first place?


Far from looking like the problem is going away, Sony (or perhaps developers response to Sony’s tightening of rules) look set to continue distancing themselves from sexual content – no matter how innocuous.

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