Devin Elle Kurtz Paints GIANT Legendary Pokemon Art

My Twitter feed is usually full of artwork. Some are better than others, some make me smile as I scroll past, and some make me drop a like. Occasionally, I’ll see some art work that makes me stop what I’m doing and open it up for a closer look. That’s exactly what happened with Devin Elle Kurtz’s incredible Legendary Pokemon art.


Devin is the lead background painter on Disenchantment, and in her spare time she continues to paint outstanding artwork that literally blows my mind. She recently described herself as a quantity over quality artist but I am not seeing a lack of quality in any of these paintings, and they’ll make fantastic phone wallpapers.



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Hoenn Legendary Pokemon Art





I really love all of these paintings but the ones that especially stand out to me are for sure the first paintings of Kyogre and Groudon – the addition of the ship and Pokemon trainer respectively help you get a sense of the scale of Devin’s version of the Pokemon – and I’m here for it. It also helps that the Gen 3 legendaries are my favourites, so it was always a good place to start, and she really captures the focus on weather that those games (and legendaries) have.



Johto Legendary Pokemon Art



I’m sorry but I can’t get over how much I’m in love with the first two paintings here. Devin captioned them with ‘Lugia & Ho-Oh, legends of the sea and sky’ and man she really captured that sentiment. I’m by no means an art critic but they look so vibrant and give off a sense of wonder that only Pokemon could give me as a kid. These are my new phone backgrounds by the way.


Sinnoh Legendary Pokemon Art



Devin uses more ‘small’ objects to give off a sense of scale in these paintings, particularly with Giratina and the plane. Is Giratina blocking the sun or is it actually giving off a warm glow? Dialga looks incredible and Palkia looks like I’d be swiftly noping out of that scenario if I was on that little boat.


Galar Legendary Pokemon Art


legendary pokemon art


Devin’s first foray into the Galar region gave us a look at Eternatus towering over a city, looking incredibly ominous. Whilst I’m not a fan of Eternatus’ design in general (its typing is insane however) – Devin has painted it in a way that really gives off a harrowing image and actually makes a Pokemon seem quite dark and scary to look at.


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