Digimon Adventure Tri Confession Review (Anime)

A virus is breaking out in the digital world, and Izzy is frantically working to cure it so that the Digi-Destined’s friends don’t all become corrupted and wild. Meiko’s partner, Meicoomon, has escaped after murdering Leomon, showing that the stakes now are higher than they’ve ever been.


This movie mostly focuses on Izzy, T.K. and their respective partners, and the battle that the Digi-Destined have been fighting so far. Seeming almost hopeless, the Digi-Destined are desperately trying to keep their Digimon safe from Meicoomon’s infection, but it’s not long until they start exhibiting signs of the virus. With time not on their side, the Digi-Destined have to prepare for the worst that they might actually have to battle with their own life-long partners – their Digimon.


confession review


I cried during this movie. I cried a lot.

Alright, readers, I’ll level with you. I cried during this movie. I cried a lot. Digimon has always had mature themes, and Confession is the third Tri movie to prove to me that these sequel movies are the best way to continue the original series. I love these characters, and I’ve loved them since my childhood, and seeing the events of Confession broke me. These movies have been getting better with each entry, and now I’m sad that I have to wait until 2018 for the next one.


confession review


Confession has a vital battle in its climax, but much of the movie focuses on the Digi-Destined and their relationship with their Digimon. The portrayal of a variety of emotions is on-point here, and I found myself fully engrossed. It’s always a joy just seeing them all hang out and appreciate the presence of one another, and this movie really showcases their love for each other. The movie’s art style is as lovely as ever, and Confession is a colourful feast for the eyes.


confession review


There’s a breathtaking orchestral version of Butter-Fly that plays over one of the final scenes of the movie, not long after you’ve heard the amazing music of the movie’s climactic fight. Nothing has changed much from the last two movies in terms of voice-acting and soundtrack, with all performances being spectacular to listen to. I’ve mentioned that this movie is a tear-jerker, and the voice-actors and actresses do brilliantly in portraying the necessary emotion.


confession review


Tri manages to successfully capture what makes Digimon so enticing in the first place.

Is Digimon Adventure Tri Confession the best that Tri has to offer so far? Yes, it is. I’ve enjoyed all three movies greatly but they’ve jumped from strength to strength with each entry, and I’m excited to see what’s next for Tri. If you’re worried about this tarnishing your memories of the original Digimon Adventure, then have no fear. Tri manages to successfully capture what makes Digimon so enticing in the first place, and it feels like a natural progression for the series.

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