Digimon Card Game gets an English release next year

 Digimon Card Game gets an English release next year

Even with Pokémon‘s continued domination of the monster battling market, the Digimon series is still going strong. There’s an ongoing reboot anime series, Digimon Survive (despite constant delays), and a new card game.

Despite how previous card game adaptions were handled in the past, it seems like Bandai want the new Digimon Card Game to do well overseas. An English website has been opened, detailing some of the plans for this Western release.

Initial booster packs will include cards from the first three volumes of the Japanese release. Between these and the Ver.1.5 packs planned for release later, it will be possible to collect every card from the three initial Japanese volumes.

The Digimon Card Game will fully launch January 2021, but a Super Pre-Sale event during November 2020 will give early access in participating stores. This includes sales of the launch booster packs, along with three starter decks.

Hopefully this card game will have more support than previous Digimon media in the West. The fact that it’s releasing not long after the Japanese version is at least a good sign.

Isaac Todd
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