Digimon Survive delay confirmed, now launching in 2022

Earlier in the year, we reported that Digimon Survive had seemingly been delayed until 2022. Well, that delay has now been officially confirmed via the Digimon Games Twitter account.

While the joke writes itself (will Digimon Survive… survive ha ha), you have to wonder what’s going on with the game at this point. Slipping from its initial 2019 release window to (maybe) launching in 2022 is not a good look for the Digimon SRPG.

According to the announcement tweet, this latest delay is “due to the need to allocate more time to development”, to “enhance the quality of the game.” Pretty standard stuff for an announcement of this type, really.

Hopefully all this extra development time will lead to a polished final product. It’s hard to say if it’ll live up to the initial interest shown by fans, though we’d imagine most people will be happy for the game to launch at all at this point.

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